Shrader Fleet Services

The 20-Minute Guarantee
Call toll free 1-866-SHRADER to fix your next flat. That's 1-866-747-2337. This service is available at all locations.
Out of Shrader's Service Area?

Click Here to find a Michelin Dealer closest to you or call 1-800-TIRE-911 (1-800-847-3911)

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You don’t have to be a registered Premier fleet to use the MICHELIN® ONCall™ service, but registration will save you time and help us provide fast service to your specifications and provide you with the reporting benefits you deserve.

Shrader Fleet Services

Consistent Fleet Maintenance from a Partner You Can Trust. 

As a Michelin® Truck Care™ Dealer, Shrader Tire & Oil provides professional truck repair and maintenance service. We have a team of certified technicians and quality parts to get your fleet back on the road safely and efficiently. The Truck Care Program provides worry-free nationwide coverage from other Michelin® Truck Care™ Dealers throughout the country.

Six Fleet Service Centers plus a National Network of Certified Dealers.

Our dedicated Fleet Service Centers offer complete bumper-to-bumper repair that are fully licensed and insured. Visit us in:

Toledo, OH         • South Bend, IN        • Fort Wayne, IN        • Detroit, MI         • Warren, MI      • Flint, MI                        

We specialize in trucks, trailers, step vans, fire trucks, ambulances, boom trucks and many other commercial fleet vehicles. Look to Shrader Fleet Services when you’re in need of repair or diagnoses of:

  • Engines: Air Compressors, Starters, Alternators, Water Pump, AC Repair
  • Drive Trains: Clutches/Adjustment, U-Joints, Drive Lines, Rear Ends
  • Suspensions: Springs, Steering Columns, Steering Gears, Shocks & Struts, King Pins
  • Trailer Repair: Welding, Landing Gear, Electrical/Lights, PM's/DOT's, Brakes
  • Brake Systems: Air/Hydraulics, Full Service, ABS
  • Cooling Systems: Radiator/Water Pump, Water & Heater Hoses, Heater Cores
  • Electrical Systems: Lights, Wiring, Gauges
  • Other Services: Charge Air Cooler, Alignments, Front End Repair, Tires, 5th Wheel

On-site, Mobile Fleet Maintenance

As a Truck Care Dealer, we utilize ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) recommended practices. If your truck or trailer can’t make it to one of our service centers, no problem. We’ll send a certified technician out to you—complete with mobile solutions and identical pricing as our service centers. Not in our service area? Find a Michelin® Truck Care™ Dealer near to you.

Call us at 800-589-6589 to learn more about Michelin® Truck Care™ and get your fleet maintenance program on the fast track today!