Rim Reconditioning

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Rim Reconditioning

With CSA coming down on fleets for poor vehicle maintenance, it's important that your truck's wheels are in a well maintained condition. That's why Shrader developed the Thermobrite-3 Rim-Restoration process. Our six step, fast turn around process returns rims back to their original luster. The average life on the Thermorbrite-3 process is 24-months. To achieve this we make your wheels look newer, longer by:

Baking off the old paint

Rims are placed into the Thermal Burn-Off Oven for removal of all organic materials.

Shot blasting to remove all rust

Rims are put through the brief shot blaster for a final touch up and removal of stubborn rust.

Inspect for cracks and worn out bolt holes

The rims are inspected insuring only safe rims are returned to service.

Apply a heavy primer coat

A powder-rust preventative primer is applied and cured, followed by a final powder coat.

Apply the powder coat in the color of your choice

Multiple colors available. Coated rims are then sent through the curing oven a second time by a powered monorail.

Final inspection for quality

Finished Thermobrite Rims are inspected and safetly wrapped to ensure your satisfaction.

New Thermobrite-3 wheels are available for purchase or we can restore your current wheels. Need more info or want to order? Contact a sales representative or call 800-589-6589 to speak with our rim reconditioning experts! Check out the process video below.