Bulk Oil Service

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Bulk Oil Service

The Shrader Advantage

Since 1948, Shrader Tire & Oil has been family owned and operated, servicing commercial trucking and industrial companies throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Our partnership with Chevron dates back to 1949 which has allowed Shrader to become a 1st Source Elite Chevron Lubrication Marketer. This means Shrader has a proven history of bringing value to you and your customers through Chevron’s quality products, continuous supply and service, and our lubricant knowledge.

Shrader Tire & Oil operates Chevron bulk oil plants out of:

 • Melvindale, MI             • Toledo, OH           • Ft. Wayne, IN             • South Bend, IN

We are inspected bi-annually by Chevron to ensure product integrity processes are being followed. Retain samples are available with every bulk delivery, if the customer so requests. Our state-of-the-art bulk plants feature designated piping for every product and desiccant filters to ensure product cleanliness and eliminate moisture. We offer bulk lubricant delivery on a keep-full basis, consistent delivery schedules, on-site filtration services and hydraulic oils with 3-micron filtration. Look to Shrader for other services like tank cleaning, desiccant breathers and filters, oil sampling and analysis, grease consolidation, plant surveys and industrial consultations.

Shrader Tire & Oil offers bulk lubricant service on many of the Chevron lubricants we carry. It’s our responsibility to ensure you’re using the best lubricant for each of your specific applications and will advise you of ways to lower your inventory costs. Shrader will help you eliminate any sources of lubricant contamination that are present in your shop, and through the use of oil analysis, can help you maximize your drain intervals.

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