24 Hour Truck Tire Service

The 20-Minute Guarantee
Call toll free 1-866-SHRADER to fix your next flat. That's 1-866-747-2337. This service is available at all locations.
Out of Shrader's Service Area?

Click Here to find a Michelin Dealer closest to you or call 1-800-TIRE-911 (1-800-847-3911)

Click Here to begin the Registration for the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network™ Premier™ or Premier Elite™ Service Offers.

You don’t have to be a registered Premier fleet to use the MICHELIN® ONCall™ service, but registration will save you time and help us provide fast service to your specifications and provide you with the reporting benefits you deserve.

24 Hour Truck Tire Service

Shrader Tire & Oil is home of the 20-Minute Guarantee!

When you have a blow-out and are stuck in the middle of no-where, look no further than Shrader Tire & Oil. We offer 24-Hour emergency tire service at an affordable price, 7-days a week. All of our truck service centers GUARANTEE our tire technicians will arrive within 20 minutes of the stated arrival time or the service call is FREE!

Call toll free 1-866-SHRADER to fix your next flat. That's 1-866-747-2337. This service is available at all locations.    

Michelin® ONCall 2.0™

With ONCall 2.0™—Michelin's 24-hour emergency road service program—one phone call connects you to emergency mechanical, towing and tire services during a truck breakdown. Service is available to fleets large and small as well as Owner Operators.

 Take advantage of commercial truck roadside assistance you can trust:

  • 24/7/365 nationwide coverage
  • ERS live tracking in "real-time"
  • Free tire service photos
  • Easy online access to detailed reporting
  • U.S.-based call center
  • Multi-language support in English/Spanish/French
  • Roll-time target of less than 2 hours

Learn More about Michelin® ONCall 2.0™ and the features of this program.


Michelin® Commercial Service Network™

The Michelin® Commercial Service Network™ is a nationwide program offering standardized service by dedicated tire repair dealers like Shrader Tire & Oil. Members of MSCN enjoy consistent, high-quality service that is independently audited and must adhere to rigorous service standards.

As an MSCN Dealer, we offer:

  • Safety and OSHA compliance
  • Standardized tools and procedures
  • Invoice efficiency & billing accuracy
  • Availability of both MICHELIN® tires and retreads
  • Properly torqued wheels
  • Certified Master Technicians with TIA repair methods
  • ERS event details accurately recorded and easily accessible
  • Adherence to your service operating specifications
  • Mounted wheel programs

Learn More about the Michelin® Commercial Service Network or look for other MCSN dealers outside of Shrader’s coverage area.