Shrader Tire & Oil is a certified Michelin MRT Retreader.

Watch the video below to see how our recapping plant in Melvindale, MI builds the best retreads in the country.

Here’s more about the process:


Shrader Tire & Oil began retreading tires in 1993 at our Blissfield, MI location. Since then, we’ve upgraded, expanded, and relocated the plant to Melvindale, MI. With our 20 years of experience, Michelin’s new tire technology and rigorous quality control, no other retreads compare. We follow a consistent, highly audited nine-step manufacturing process to deliver uniform results. We also examine 100% of the casings before retreading and support our retreads with a retread warranty. Our Pre-Mold™ process is designed for one purpose; to help your fleet maximize its tire assets.

Michelin Retread Advantages:

  • CAM Specs: Customer Asset Management Specs allow you to control and establish perimeters (Age, number of times retreaded, repair limits, etc.)
  • Buffing: Our fully computer-controlled buffer consistently creates proper under tread depth to specific manufacture specifications.  The specific under tread thickness allows for cooler running and reduced casing fatigue on your casings.  “Crepe-like” surface after buffing with our side-to-side radial buffer is highly receptive to the adhesion of the tread. 
  • Repairs: *Therma Cure* cushion gum is used in place of standard chemical adhesive patches.  This process is 3x stronger maximizing your casing life with a fully bonded permanent repair. Also reduces emergency road service.
  • Double-Enveloping: Along with an outer envelope, an inner envelope is added in the Michelin Retread Technology.  The inner envelope enhances repair by applying pressure to both sides of the repair.  Making stronger repairs which increases tire life and reduces downtime.
  • Curing: Steam heat source ensures consistent temperature for the entire chamber while in the curing cycle.  Even heating reduces exposure to degrading heat.  Maximum casing/tread life due to reduced heat exposure and even curing.
  • Warranty: Assets that come through the Michelin Retread Plant leave with a warranty on the casing and the tread.  Even if the casing is not from Shrader Tire and Oil. We only put the highest quality out, and we stand behind that!

Interested in ordering or need more information? Visit the Michelin Retreading website or call us at 800-589-6589.

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