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Michelin X One XZY3

All-position wide base single designed for significant weight and fuel savings* in on/off road applications.

Michelin XDA5+

Longest wearing drive tire featuring regenerating tread features that deliver excellent traction late in life for line haul...

Michelin XDL

High capacity tube-type drive tire designed for mostly off road application such as logging and mining.

Michelin XDN2

All weather premium drive tire optimized for exceptional traction and mileage in line haul applications.

Michelin XFE (Wide Base)

The wide base single designed to deliver high mileage and a quiet ride on heavy front axle in regional and line haul...

Michelin XRV

All-position radial designed specifically for exceptional performance on recreational vehicles and motor homes in coach...

Michelin XTA2 Energy

Fuel-efficient, small diameter trailer tire that helps deliver long, even tread wear in high cube line haul applications....

Michelin XZA-1+

All-position radial optimized for steer axles in line haul and limited regional applications.


Next generation ultra-fuel-efficient radial that delivers our longest steer original tread life in line haul applications....

Michelin XZE2

Exceptional regional, all-position radial with extra-wide, extra-deep tread designed to help deliver our best wear in high...

Michelin XZL

All-terrain, all-position radial for special service such as Emergency Response Vehicles in off road applications.

Michelin XZUS 2

Next generation all-position tire with high carrying capacity designed for exceptional treadlife in high scrub urban...

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