Our Company

In the Beginning

In the spring of 1948, Jim and Bernie Shrader founded Shrader Tire & Oil in Toledo, Ohio. A true family business, Jim and Bernie’s children Jim Jr., Gerri, and Patti filled roles in the company after school. In the evenings, Jim Sr. would instill the importance of values like honesty, integrity and commitment as the family sat around the dinner table.

The business progressed over the years and by 1985, Jim Shrader Sr. handed the company down to his son. Soon Jim Jr. looked to the commercial trucking market to as the next area to expand the business. As the company grew, so did the Shrader family; many of which became the 3rd generation to run the business.

Even though the Shrader business model ultimately changed, the foundation and core values that Jim & Bernie believed in still hold true today.

Our Experience

In the year 2000, Jim Shrader Jr. handed the company down to his son, Joe Shrader. Like most of our staff, Joe rose up through the ranks gaining valuable experience along the way by seeing all facets of the company. This focus on employee development has positively impacted retention and practical professional experience, companywide.  

Now with 15 truck tire and fleet service centers, two state-of-the-art Michelin retread plants, and bulk lubricant operations larger than ever, Shrader Tire & Oil has become the premier tire and lubricant distributor in the Midwest. 

The Road Ahead

As the 4th generation of the Shrader family begin playing larger roles in the company, Shrader Tire & Oil is setting its sights on the service aspect of professional fleet care. We are aiming to be a long-term partner, offering ways to make fleets run more efficiently through high-performance products, superior service, and a heightened focus on safety.

Meet Our Executive Team

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