Core Values

Please review our Core Values before applying. It is imperative that all Shrader employees adhere to the values that our company holds in such high regard. Be sure that Shrader is the right culture and environment for you!

Core Values

Safety First: At Shrader, we strive to create a work environment where safety comes first. As leaders in our industry, we understand the safety sensitive nature of the products and services we provide. We must work without distractions as nothing is more important to us than the safety of our team members, customers, and community. We continuously provide training, equipment, and best practices that ensure safe work environments are in effect. We believe that every accident is preventable and safety is the responsibility of every associate within our organization.

Extreme Customer Service: Our customers are the reason we have been in business since 1948. We must continue to exceed their expectations in all that we do with a positive attitude and consistent service. An unparalleled sense of urgency is the trademark of Shrader’s extreme customer service.

Team Attitude: When everyone works toward a common goal, much more can be accomplished. The combined efforts of over 200 people, pulling in the same direction, with great attitudes and a commitment to the team translates to a successful and efficient business.

Learn & Train: Our industry continues to evolve, with innovative technology and service expectations at an all-time high. We must remain committed to continuous learning, safety, job progression, and a minimum of 40 hours of training per employee each year.

Honesty & Integrity: For over 72 years, honesty and integrity have been the cornerstones for the foundation of Shrader Tire & Oil. These values must be embraced in all of our dealings with our customers, vendors, and employees. Individuals who show integrity in the workplace not only understand right from wrong, but they practice it in all they do.

Community Involvement: Shrader prides itself on creating an outstanding workplace environment where respect and dignity are expected. We also pride ourselves on giving back to the community in which we live.

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