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Michelin® Energy Guard Aerodynamic Solutions

When professional fleet owners and managers go looking for ways to save money, the answer could be blowing in the wind. Significant gains in efficiencies can be realized by optimizing the aerodynamics of a tractor/trailer as it moves down the road. Michelin Energy Guard Aerodynamic Solutions is leading the industry in this field and offers a complete kit to retrofit a wide variety of trailers in use today. The kit requires no interaction by the driver beyond installation, making it simple to use and impossible to forget.


Patent-pending trailer skirt and sliding brackets use a strong but flexible material to control airflow. The innovative design is impact resistant and durable, saving you repair costs. End fairings help to reroute air around the back of the trailer reducing the effect of the drag. The wake reducer works as a spoiler, diverting downward flowing air and reshapes the primary recirculation zone behind the trailer.


Completing the package are aerodynamic mud flaps which reduce drag even further by allowing air to flow uninhibited past the tires of the trailer.


When subject to third party testing, it was found that the Michelin Energy Guard Aerodynamic Solutions package delivers more than 7% fuel savings at 65 mph compared to tractor-trailers with no aerodynamic system. This works out to an average savings of $3,000 per truck for every 100,000 miles driven at today’s fuel prices.