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Going Green to Save Green

Recycling and Retreading Tires

Old tires have a knack for finding their ways to the side of the road or in scrap piles at many trucking fleets all over the United States. Often times we forget the value those tires may hold. This is why Shrader Tire & Oil offers the "Cash-4-Casings" program where we buy back your used tire casings for retreading purposes.

Retreads are significantly cheaper than new tires, and through Michelin MRT Retreads, we're able to achieve 90% tread life than that of virgin tires. This is a cost-effective way to keep your commercial trucking fleet on the road, all while being environmentally friendly and recycling used tires.

To learn more about Recycling & Retreading tires with Shrader, click HERE.


Recycling Oil

Many of us "do-it-yourselfers" have old milk jugs and buckets filled with waste oil in our garages that are just collecting dust and waiting to be disposed. Do you realize that used motor oil can still have a life after it leaves your engine? In fact, used motor oil can be refined and reformulated to meet API specifications. With a waste oil furnace, your used motor oil can also be treated as fuel to heat a garage.

So what can you do to be environmentally conscious? If you change your own oil, be certain that you take it to a collection center for recycling. Visit a recycling center near you. Some collection companies will even come out to your facility, collect the used oil, and then pay you! If you take your car or truck to your local service station, they are required to recycle the oil that they change.


Recycling Batteries

Batteries contain lead that is 97% recyclable, but each year millions of batteries are not recycled. Some are illegally disposed of in dumpsters, while others sit in garages, junk piles or storage sheds. Leaking acid from these old batteries create health and safety hazards to the environment. Because recycled lead costs less than freshly mined lead, recycling old batteries helps sustain lower costs for new batteries.

Since these battery cores contain harmful chemicals, be sure to always take precautions when handling them:

• Wear gloves and safety glasses
• Place battery cores on a sturdy surface to transport them (If the battery case is cracked or leaking make sure to place it in a plastic bag or leak proof container)
• Keep batteries upright and tightly secure before transporting
• Do not smoke near or expose batteries to an open flame

Allow Shrader to buy back your unwanted battery cores. Here is a list of our new batteries from EXIDE.