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E-log Mandate For December 2017

A federal rule requiring truck operators to use electronic logging devices to keep records of duty status is set to take effect December 16, 2017. Here’s a look at the mandate’s key components:

Mandating ELDs
ELDs must be installed and in use by December 16, 2017. This applies to all drivers, except those who:
• Keep records of duty status in 8 or fewer days out of every 30 working days
• Drivers in drive-away and tow-away operations
• Truckers operating vehicles older than model year 2000

Device Specifications
ELDs are required to:
• Automatically record date, time and location information; engine hours; vehicle miles; and ID information of the driver using the device
• Be able to transfer data during roadside inspections “on-demand,” via either a wireless Web-based services, email, USB 2.0 or Bluetooth
• Present a graph grid of a driver’s daily duty status changes either on the units themselves or in printouts

ELDs are not required to:
• Track a vehicle or a driver in real-time, nor will they need to include driver-carrier communication capabilities

Supporting Documents
Supporting document requirements:
• Maximum of eight supporting documents, either electronic or paper, for every 24-hour period that includes on-duty time
• Be submitted to their carrier within 13 days of receiving them, and carriers must retain the documents, along with records of duty status, for six months
• If a driver submits to a carrier more than eight documents for a 24-hour period, the carrier must keep the first and last document for the day and six others
• If fewer than eight are submitted, carriers must retain all of them

Supporting documents include:
• Bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or other documents that show trip origin and destination
• Dispatch records, trip records or similar documents
• Expense receipts, payroll records, settlement sheets or similar documents that show what and how a driver was paid
• Electronic mobile communication records sent through fleet management systems