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10 Reasons to Convert to Michelin X One Tires

Since 2000, Michelin® has been the leader in super single tire technology through Michelin® X One® tires. Fleets and owner-operators have benefited from saving more than 150 million gallons of fuel, added several million tons of extra freight and eliminated the need for hundreds of thousands of pressure checks and rotations with Michelin® X Ones®.

From the fuel and weight savings to going “GREEN”, there are many reasons for fleets to consider converting to Michelin® X One® Tires.


1. Fuel Savings - Michelin® X One® tires can help lower fuel costs by up to 10% through improved rolling resistance. Rolling resistance accounts for approximately 35% of fuel consumption. X One® tires improve rolling resistance by 30% compared to duals through advanced tread and casing technology. There are only two sidewalls with X Ones® compared to a set of duals which also improves rolling resistance.


2. Weight Savings = More Freight - Every 10% drop in truck weight reduces fuel use between 5-10%. With the weight savings offered by X One®, a truck fleet can carry more than 700 pounds (aluminum wheel vs. aluminum wheel) or more than 1,300 pounds (steel wheel vs. aluminum wheel) per vehicle with the X One® fitment in both the driver and trailer axles.


3. Improve Stability - Vehicle stability is a function of its track width and the height of its center of gravity. While the overall sidewall-to-sidewall width is reduced with Michelin® X One® tires, the use of the outset wheel extends the vehicle track width by over three inches. This wider track helps improve stability. A big footprint means great traction.


4. Maximize Uptime - With fewer tires to mount, demount and pressure check, the Michelin® X One® tire can save your fleet time and money compared to duals. And when it comes to pressure checking, you don't have to worry about reaching an inside dual. There is only one tire, and that tire offers an easy-to-access valve.

Availability is no issue. As one of over 2000 Michelin® Commercial Service Network Dealers nationwide, Shrader Tire & Oil is required to stock Michelin® X One® tires among many other tires in the service program. Learn more about the Michelin® Commercial Service Network and Michelin ONCall 2.0 programs HERE, or contact us today for a fleet consultation at 800-589-6589.


5. Great Retreadability - Fleets are always looking for areas to cut back and maximize their assets. Retreading is an obvious choice as the Michelin® X One® tire is the most retreaded wide single tire in the world. Infini-Coil Technology™ ensures the retreadability of the Michelin® X One® tire casing by delivering better crown endurance and zero casing growth. This allows for "like new" tread designs and compounds to help you take your fleet further. Michelin® guarantees it.

Every Michelin® X One® casing is warranted at 100% for 70 weeks when retreaded through a Michelin® Retread Technologies franchise dealer. Shrader Tire & Oil is a certified Michelin® MRT Retreader. If you’re interested in watching our retreading process, it can be viewed on our YouTube Page.


6. Tires and Retreads for Every Application - Michelin® is the only tire manufacturer to offer wide base single tires and retreads for every application. Check out our catalog to find the right Michelin® for your application.


7. Increase Productivity - Enjoy longer brake life (compared to duals) as X Ones® run cooler due to the 1- or 2-inch outset of the wheel. Michelin® X Ones® also allow for easier maintenance and dolly maneuvering. X Ones® are retreadable, just like any radial truck tire and Infini-Coil Technology™ ensures zero casing growth plus better crown endurance.


8. Meet Regulations - Michelin® X One® tires offer superior fuel efficiency without compromising tire performance. They have been verified by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) SmartWay® program and meet California's CARB requirements.

Browse our SmartWay® Certified Michelin® tires.


9. Go "Green" - Go green to save green with Michelin® X One® tires. A fleet with 1,000 trucks can save about 1.7 million gallons of fuel and 17,000 metric tons of CO2. The CO2 kept from entering the atmosphere is the equivalent of removing 3,400 cars from the road.

Not many consider the oil savings in tire production. In the production of the Michelin® X One® tire, Michelin® uses seven gallons less for one X One® than it does for two duals. This is a 33% savings in the use of oil for every wide single tire.


10. Satisfaction Guaranteed - Michelin® offers X One® guarantees for peace of mind and stands behind its proprietary technology. If saving more than 115 million gallons of fuel (and counting) since 2000 doesn't persuade your fleet to switch to Michelin® X One® tires, know that Michelin® also guarantees your satisfaction.

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee for Secondary Market Tractor or Trailer

MICHELIN® X One® Total Satisfaction Guarantee for New Truck or Trailer